Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Get to know you Game

I've finally finished making my get to know you game for the first day of school Friday!  On the first day of school, we always have to go over the student handbook.  We separate out the handbook into 7 sections, and then go over a different section every class period.  I always have extra time after going over the handbook, so decided to make a game that we can play and get to know each other at the same time.  I bought a Jenga tower and wrote get to know you questions on each block.  After talking to other people AFTER I'd already finished this, I've decided that I might buy a couple more towers and write numbers on each block.  Then I would have different lists of questions or vocabulary that they'd play with.  For now, I'm really excited for this game!  I really hope that my kiddos like it as much as I will.  I mean, they do get to play Jenga, and who doesn't like Jenga, or getting to play a game on the first day of school!  Here's a picture of all the blocks that I labeled.

I'll definitely let everyone know about how this game went over with my kids after Friday!

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  1. This is a great idea Stephanie! I bet your kiddos loved it!

    Keep Calm and Imagine